What I’ve learned after one month of self-employment

By September 14, 2017Business

I have just hit the one month mark of working for myself / being self-employed / living that entrepreneur life and my quick review would be this – so far so good. My fears of ending up on the streets, poor and begging for food have not happened yet so I’ll count that as a win. Even though a month is a relatively short period of time, I’m already surprised by the things I’ve learned in 30 days.

Support Work

The biggest surprise has probably been how I spend my time on a daily basis. When you’re running your own business you wear a LOT of hats. Many business owners I’ve talked to will tell you how a good chunk of their time is spent on tasks that support the business but this is hard to comprehend until you experience it first hand. Taxes, billing, sales, client support, proposals, scheduling and marketing are just a few of the activities that keep you busy outside of “design”. Luckily, many of these things get quicker or easier over time through software and knowledge of the processes.

Business Hours

Now that I’m not tied to regular office hours I sleep until noon and work whenever I feel like it! Right!? Actually, this couldn’t be further from the truth. I am the type of person that needs systems and consistency in order to work effectively. I still get up at the same time that I have for my entire adult life. My typical work day really looks pretty similar to how it always has and I’m okay with that. My day might not start at 8:00 am on the dot but lunches are usually shorter than they used to be and work doesn’t necessarily end at 5 pm sharp either. Weekends have turned into a great time for me to take care a few of those random things on my to-do list. Overall, I am working more but my new schedule offers me freedom that your traditional office job doesn’t. And can you really put a price on freedom?


This is really what it all comes down to – learning and growing as a person everyday. Sometimes you need to throw yourself into deep water and find out what you got. I’m not sure if there has been a day in the last month where i have not tackled a new skill, process or concept.
Taxes – yep
Proposal writing – check
Sales call and meetings – bring it on
Putting yourself out there on a blog – you’re looking at it!

That sums up my first month in business and with some hard work, I hope there will be many more!

Tommy D

Tommy D

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